Average tuition cost for seminary student

by on October 28, 2007

UPDATE: Here are the latest numbers from 2014-2015. The average tuition for a full time seminary student(14-15 school year) was $14,726. (Data Tables)






According to a report from the Association of Theological Schools, the average tuition for a full time seminary student (05-06 school year) was $11,039.

Seminary Tuition Cost

So, if that’s the average… then some of you are paying less and some more… I think that number is probably pretty close to the ballpark I’m going to be in. Maybe we should have a competition and whoever has the highest tuition bill we all send him or her $5 through pay-pal.

Maybe once the readership here increases we’ll start the competition.


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yeah i’ve been working there now for almost 6 months and it’s worth it if you don’t mind working 4-51/2 hours in the morning…i came in though and didn’t sign up for the program at the beginning of this semester so i don’t get the $3k, oh yeah and it has its limits…its $250 per class, $1500 per semester, and $3000 total for the year. Also you don’t get reimbursed till a few weeks after the semester ends

Can we easily get the scholarship offered by the seminary? How many percentage of students enrolled will get the scholarship successfully?