New Home Decor

by on January 5, 2008

So, our new home has some new decorations thanks to winter term Hebrew I.

Throughout the house you will find the following hanging on walls, doors, mirrors, and even the shower:

hebrew alphabet


The author of this post is noted above. and were created by Ryan Burns. He is currently on staff at Redemption Hill Church in Richmond, VA, and recently launched a site to help people find Seminary Scholarships and anther site to help people find Church Jobs. He also writes about his experiences doing GORUCK events on his hobby blog.


It sounds like you’re off to a good start with learning your Hebrew alphabet. It’s clear you’re learning already as you typed out the alphabet from right to left. I hope you laminated the page that resides in the shower. : )

Well, wish i could take credit for the typing… but it is an image that I downloaded from another site and printed to hang around the house.

As for the shower version… we have a glass door, so the paper is on the outside facing in. Works well. Nothing like standing in a nice warm shower at 6 a.m. reciting the Hebrew alphabet…