Googling to Seminary

by on February 24, 2008

After months of hard work we’ve finally claimed the #1 spot for the search query “going to seminary” on google.

Google Seminary

For the last 4 months I’ve been #2 on this results… behind some blog post some guy wrote in 2006.

My goal… however ludicrous it might be, is to get #1 ranking on the search “seminary” … yeah, I know, I said it was ludicrous.


The author of this post is noted above. and were created by Ryan Burns. He is currently on staff at Redemption Hill Church in Richmond, VA, and recently launched a site to help people find Seminary Scholarships and anther site to help people find Church Jobs. He also writes about his experiences doing GORUCK events on his hobby blog.


Perhaps a less ludicrous goal could be to get the blog listed on the first page when googling “seminary” as the keyword? If other people are like me, when they search for something they scan the whole first page or two.

Well… technically, they are both ludicrous goals… If I can get on the first page, then I can get #1… well, at least it becomes a very real possibility.

Seminary is a highly searched term with A LOT of competition… However, if I’m strategic enough over the next 3-5 years I “might” be able to do it… we’ll see.

Is it wrong to pray to be the #1 search result for seminary? (HA!)