Two Cent Tuesday – Praying for your seminary professors

by on March 11, 2008

So, ever since I read Terry’s blog post Adopt a Seminary Professor I’ve been mulling over the fact that it never even crossed my mind to pray for my professors. Talk about lame. These professors are giving themselves to my (our) training. Does it not make perfect sense that I should pray for God’s grace in their lives and in their families… that he would bless their teaching and guard their hearts and minds?

So, by way of provoking us all to pray, this weeks Two Cent Tuesday wants to know how often you pray for your professors. Time to be honest here… and, I’d assume for most of us, it is time to make some changes.

Also, for what it is worth, after I was challenged by Terry I decided that, at the very least, I would pray for my professors at the start of their class. Why don’t you join me?



The author of this post is noted above. and were created by Ryan Burns. He is currently on staff at Redemption Hill Church in Richmond, VA, and recently launched a site to help people find Seminary Scholarships and anther site to help people find Church Jobs. He also writes about his experiences doing GORUCK events on his hobby blog.



Thank you for the encouragement. I am working on getting something started at Southern that will allow the students to covenant with a professor or two to pray for them and encourage them throughout the semester. I appreciate your poll. It is quite eye-opening to see that of the 8 who voted before me, half had never thought about praying for the profs. I am praying that a “prayer revival” will erupt on our seminary campuses. God bless.

Terry Delaney