Thrifty Thursday – Saving on Diapers

by on June 12, 2008

If you are in seminary, then you realize money is tight (that is why we have a Thrifty Thursday). If you are married and in seminary, then you definitely realize that money is tight. My wife and I are always searching for ways in which we can cut our budget. One way we did this was to transition to cloth diapers.

Now that you are over the “eww” factor, let me explain a few things. First, cloth diapers are not like they used to be back in the day. There are no diaper pins and there is no proper folding of the diaper as such. The cloth diapers I am talking about are just like the disposable diapers from all the major name brands (or not so major brands). Second, depending on which brand you invest it, you may never have to buy diapers again.


For example, the bum genius brand of diapers are made to grow with your child. Basically, it is a one-diaper fits all model. They are designed to fit newborns up to toddlers (7-35 lbs.). They are about $19-$21 a piece depending on where you buy them.

The fuzzi bunz brand are one of the more popular brands of cloth diapers (along with bum genius) but do not offer the one-size-fits-all model. They have sizes small-medium-large for the child. These diapers have an insert that you need to stuff inside the diaper in order to absorb liquids and such. They run about $18-$20 a piece depending on where you buy them.

Finally, the model my wife and I use are the Kushies brand. These are an all-in-one diaper in that there are no inserts to be added. They do come in various sizes from newborn (up to 10 lbs.) to infant (10-22 lbs), and toddler (22-45 lbs). I know you can buy inserts to help with absorbency, but they are not necessary as each diaper comes with an insert as part of the diaper. They run from $9-$10 per diaper depending on where you buy them.

My wife has found that the best (and cheapest) place to buy cloth diapers is However, of the three I mentioned in this article, you can only by the Kushies through Wal-Mart. If you are able to do Site-to-Store, then you do not have to pay for shipping and handling. The other two can be found at most cloth diaper stores (I had no idea there were stores dedicated to just cloth diapers!) or online.

How Do I Clean Them

Now, I am sure most of you are balking at the thought of having to wash poop out of diaper. Did you know that on the box of every disposable diaper there is a little note that says, “Rinse or shake baby soil into the toilet”? Most people do not know that, but it is true. I will wait while you go and look on your package of diapers. See, I told you. We have a kitchen sized trash can with a lid on it in one of our bathrooms. We also add a little bit of baking soda to the can to fight odor though it is not as bad as you would think.

If you are going to get started with cloth diapers, I would recommend getting 20-25 diapers to begin with. That is about three days worth and then they need to be washed. Given all that has happened to my wife and I regarding income and such, cloth diapers have saved our…er…butts a time or two. We do have disposable on hand for when we go to church or just go out, but not having to buy diapers once or twice a week has helped with the budget immensely. It is also a great way to “go green” if you are into that. Personally, I just find that it is helping me to be a better steward of what we have.

In a later post, I will show how to attach a kitchen sprayer to your toilet. This helps to not only clean the diapers but also clean your tub and or sink. A by-product of the sprayer is it makes a good conversation piece as well. I have actually used it to witness to a few friends about stewardship and God’s faithfulness.


I’m sure my wife will have some comments for this post, but I doubt she’ll toot her own horn, so for some more information on cloth diapers you can check out her blog While she doesn’t keep up with it anymore, there are a wealth of resources on there for anyone interested in finding out more about cloth. She covers just about every aspect from how they save money, to how to pick the right one for you, to how to make your own… she’s pretty obsessive about cloth diapers 😉

Also, for all you guys who are saying, “what the…” feel free to refer yourself to her post about Diaper Dad (yeah… me).

I was a seminary baby….and my Mom talks about how all of the clothes lines next to married student housing were filled with cloth diapers. And how the wifes in her building would always jokingly steal the best diapers of the lines.

I have a few friends at Asbury that use cloth diapers (the wife and I don’t have kids), and I know when I have to make that decision, cloth just makes more sense.

I am intrigued about attaching a kitchen sprayer to the toilet….that sounds like a great way to pass time at the least.

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i have to admit when i saw the post topic on my feed just now, i actually clicked through to the site which i don’t often do (sorry ryan)! ha! cloth diaper talk on GTS (that i didn’t start). awesome.

i love cloth diapers. def. feel free to email me if anyone has ANY questions. i think the hardest part about cloth diapering is just finding & comitting to whatever type you decide to use.

🙂 thx. for the cloth shout out terry! 🙂

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I am glad to have made your day…does that make your day a Diaper Dandy Day? 🙂

To be honest, cleaning diapers out is not as bad as I thought it would be. I remember when we first bought them, I went and bought an economy size box of latex gloves in order to spray them out so I would not have to touch them. Now I have a box of gloves sitting in the bathroom that don’t get used that often.

I will write next on the sprayer as well as cloth wipes next week.