Two Cent Tuesday – Influential Factors

by on July 8, 2008

I was thinking yesterday about the process I went through that lead me to seminary. It was a long and drawn out process (here are some excerpts). While there were MANY factors that influenced my decision to attend seminary, for me the Bible was most influential. The more I read Paul’s explanations to Timothy and Titus about the role of the Elders in the church, I continually felt as if I fell short in the area of doctrine. I knew I was called to vocational ministry and that I’d be spending the next 60 +/- years doing it… so I thought that an investment of 3 or 4 years was well worth it for me, my family, and those God would entrust into my care.

So, how about you… what was the most influential factor for you? No right or wrong answers here… I’m just wondering.



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