BDAG for about $100

by on August 29, 2008

Greek students may be delighted to know that A Greek-Lexicon of the New Testament and other Early Christian Literature, 3rd Edition (aka, BDAG) is on sale at for $103.95 new.

List price $150, normally found on sale in the range of $125. (Note: you will not want to get the 2nd edition, even if you find it for cheap in a used book store.)


BDAG is the best by far. However, I would tend to disagree a bit with the comment on 2nd edition (BAGD). If you’re broke, and don’t have a good lexicon and you see it at a bookstore for cheap (or like I got it for $.75 as a used library copy), it’s better than nothing. Or, get the Shorter Lexicon, its a much more manageable size and is perfect for those starting out.

I’m still using the 2nd edition BDAG I had for my undergraduate studies. At $100-$150, I haven’t been able to justify the cost of going to the 3rd edition. At this point, I’d probably want to get the 3rd edition for Logos rather than getting an updated print copy.

At SBTS, we are not allowed to use the second edition when it comes to research work or source material.

Clarification — I’m no Greek scholar — so, by all means grab the 2nd edition for a buck or two. My comment is more for seminary students who need to get BDAG, which would by (most/all) prof’s direction be the 3rd edition.

My prof tells me the shelf-life should be about 25 years, so this one will far outlast my Physics book from undergrad, which lasted about two.

For our course studies only the 3rd will do.