Andy Coticchio – Seminary Student Spotlight

by on December 13, 2008

andyGTS – Just the basics (Name, age, family, work, seminary, etc):

Andy – Andy Coticchio, age 52, married, no children. Retired from business as a financial executive, attending seminary since May 2008. Born in NYC but loving in Dallas since May 2003. I am at Dallas Theological Seminary for an MA-Biblical Studies. That means I get all the bible exposition and theology classes and none of the languages and expository preaching classes. All in all, I fair trade for an old dog like me.

GTS – Why are you going to seminary?

Andy – To learn the Word Of God more deeply and fully. to prepare for a second career in ministry. I am looking to do three things; as a retired business executive, 1) work with people coming into the workforce to help them start their careers, 2) work with other ministries to give them the benefit of a 30 year business and financial career and 3) work with business executives to help them develop and mature their Christian walk in the business world.

GTS – What is the most difficult part of balancing seminary and the rest of life?

Andy – It has been 30 years since I sat in class, it took several months to learn to be a student again. I am only going part time so I am not having trouble balancing it with the rest of my life, but it was an awakening to be back as a student.

GTS – What advice do you wish someone would have given you before your started seminary?

Andy – I should have become a Christian and done this 30 years ago! Seriously, I got a lot of good advice, and came into this with realistic expectations about the workload and pressure.

GTS – What do you love most about seminary?

Andy – The lectures. Sitting there listen to these godly men and women teach with such a love for the Lord, it is a privilege.

GTS – Here’s your chance for self promotion. Where can people find you online?

Andy – I blog at The Narrow Road


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Just wanted to clarify something. I am living in Dallas, I love living in Dallas, but the only one I am loving in Dallas is my wife!