Who Are You?

by on May 23, 2009

questionWhen I visited the site this morning, I noticed the little Feedburner reader count on the right side. At that time it said we had 277 people subscribing to this blog. That’s a pretty impressive number. It then occurred to me that with that number, we’ve probably got quite a diversity of readers. We’re glad that we can reach out this big of an audience.

That being said, while a lot of you have left comments here, we probably don’t even know half of you. So, just for fun, leave a comment with the following information:

  • Name
  • Where you live
  • Seminary you are currently attending, will attend, or have attended and your degree program
  • And blog, if you have one

Knowing who is reading the blog helps us when it comes to deciding on what kind of material would be relevant and helpful. We look forward to meeting you!



Forgot to add, I am attending Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary in pursuit of a Master of Religious Education (MRE). I expect to graduate in 2012.

My name is Jason Gardner and I live in Forest Hill, LA. I graduated from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in 2004 with an M.Div. and specialization in biblical languages. I plan to begin Ph.D. studies this fall at Dallas Theological Seminary, concentrating in New Testament.

Andy Coticchio
Southlake, TX
Dallas Theological Seminary – MA Biblical Studies (attending now)
The Narrow Road

My name is Jason and I was just accepted into RTS Charlotte. I plan to take distance courses for a year, move to Charlotte next summer, and hopefully graduate with a M.Div. in 2013.

Gaines Redd
Atlanta, GA
RTS – Atlanta (MA-Biblical Studies)
teamredd.blogspot.com (shared blog with wife)

john “walt” raudenbush
currently an undergrad at cornell university studying engineering, originally from central pennsylvania, and hoping to attend seminary in the near future, currently looking at teds or sbts.
my blog

Andrew Canavan
Currently in Wheaton, IL and attending Wheaton Grad School for an MA in Theology. Aiming to attend seminary in the next 1-2 years – top contenders now are Covenant Theological Seminary, WTS East, maybe Gordon-Conwell, RTS or Princeton.

Nick Ng
Greenville, SC
Geneva Reformed Seminary (M.Div in progress), will return to Chicago area to pursue another advanced degree (either at Wheaton or TEDS).

RTS / Orlando (MA Biblical Studies, graduated 2005)…..with dreams of going back to school again

Thanks, folks! I’ve just finished going through the comments here and checking out your blogs just to get a bit of a better idea of who you are. It’s really great to have such a wide variety of people checking out the site.

I just wanted to check out the new threaded comments to see how they look.

Hi, my name is Matt Barker and my family and I are currently living near the city of Chania on the island of Crete (Greece). I just started taking online classes through Denver Seminary (will move there in about a year and a half) in pursuit of a MDiv. Finally, my blog is at http://seekersjourney.com.

Chip Bennett, I’m being deployed at the end of July. I have plans to attend Asbury after I return. I plan to earn my MDiv. I live in Buckhannon, WV I blog occasionally at captinchip302.blogspot.com

Matthew Harding, I am currently working on application for New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and hope to attend there in the fall. I rarely blog at matthewrharding.blogspot.com, if you want some more up to date thoughts my twitter screename is mattchewharding.