Save $105 – Thrifty Thursday

by on July 16, 2009

dscn9072Jenn and I are trying to wipe out our last bit of debt. Prior to packing up and moving to Orlando, we (er… ok, it was mostly my stupid decision) took out a loan in order to buy a Jeep. We used part of the loan to pay for the 1979, midnight blue, custom rebuilt 350, dual side exhaust, CJ7 (oh, how I miss that jeep). The rest of the loan we used to cover some expenses prior to the move. In retrospect, there were some good and bad things about taking out the loan, but nothing we can do now about that decision except pay it off.

So, like I said, we’re trying to get rid of it. On Tuesday I finally caved in and decided we would cancel our cable service and some of the extra features we have on our phones. It started with a call to comcast. I explained that I need to keep my internet (for obvious reasons) but wanted to cancel my cable service. Our last bill was about $120 and I was looking to drop it in half. The representative explained that my internet, by itself, would be about $60. She said that there was promotion going on that could get me my internet and cable for $100. I said that I needed to drop my bill more than that and that I’d probably be just fine with internet only. She replied, “Can you hold for a moment?” After a minute or two she returned and said, “I’ve found a promotion that would keep you in the same package you have for $79 a month.” Now, the deal is only good for 6 months, but hey, I just knocked $40 off my cable bill and I have EXACTLY the same package. Sweet!

After that I call Sprint. This was the call I was really dreading. Jenn and I both have a Blackberry Curves. I love this phone. Best one I’ve ever owned. With it, we both had a data plan ($30 each) and I also had an option that allowed me to connect my laptop to my phone via bluetooth to surf the web ($15 a month). Over time I have grown VERY accustomed to these features and use them every day. But, I kept looking at that cell bill and thinking, “I could save $75 a month by getting rid of those features.” So, today I did. Sadly, the Sprint rep wasn’t as willing to hook me up as the comcast rep was. But I took off those options and added some text messaging for a net monthly savings of $65. Throw in my cable savings and we just saved $100 a month!

So, today’s Thrifty Thursday lesson is this. Don’t be afraid to call any of your service providers and ask if they can reduce your bill… they might just do it. Also, sometimes you have to let go of things you like… Like 1979 CJ7s and 24-7 access to email.

How about you? Got any good stories on saving a buck or two on monthly bills?


The author of this post is noted above. and were created by Ryan Burns. He is currently on staff at Redemption Hill Church in Richmond, VA, and recently launched a site to help people find Seminary Scholarships and anther site to help people find Church Jobs. He also writes about his experiences doing GORUCK events on his hobby blog.


My wife and I fast three times a week to save money on groceries (sike!). That’d be bad. But seriously though, we don’t have cable or internet (we use work/school networks), so we save a nice chunk of change as a result. Plus, we’re less likely to waste more time watching TV (my wife loves HGTV and would watch it all the time if we had it).

If you like Sprint, go make friends with an Employee. They have a Referral program that gets you a way better deal. Think its like 59 a month for unlimited data/text 500 any time minutes and free nights and weekends. i think is the URL.

We just signed up for AT&T’s U-Verse a few weeks ago (cable and internet), but will cancel the cable after we receive our $250 rebate. We signed up with an AT&T rep who’s also a seminary student. I can second “Joel U’s” comment about his HGTV-loving wife. Mine loves that one and the Cooking network. I have to tape the “Iron Chef” every week!