More Free Kindles For Seminary Students

by on August 2, 2010

Its time for another writing contest! We’re going to give away four e-readers or $200 toward books. (winner’s choice)

Have you thought about sharing your seminary journey with the world? Perhaps you are interested in pontificating about how seminary could be better, or have questions that you’re not finding answers to regarding your seminary journey. Maybe you already have a blog, but not the readership you’d like to have.

Now is your chance to build readership, pontificate about seminary to your heart’s desire, or give blogging your first go around.

Submit your 500 to 750 word article on whatever topic you like as long as it has to do with seminary. You must be a current seminary student and the articles must be original work not previously posted or submitted to another website.

Out of the entries we’ll select the four winners. Those winners will then submit three more articles, one per month, over the next three months. At the end of those three months they will get their choice of the e-readers. A Kindle, a Sony e-reader, a Nook, a Kobo, or a $200 gift certificate to purchase textbooks from Amazon, B&N, or Borders. All four writers will have their choice! Or if a new ereader is on the market at the $200 price tag we’ll gladly substitute it instead.

Submit your article by August 23, 2010, via email to justaguy[at] We’ll announce the four winners on August 30, 2010.

—–Update 8/20/2010—–

We’re going to extend the submission deadline until Friday, August 27. We’ll still announce the winners on Monday, August 30.

Need some ideas for writing about your seminary journey? We took a few “hot button” issues from past comments and experiences to help you get started. Feel free to use them.

    • How do you deal with crappy profs who are teaching from notes that are 30 years old?
    • Whatis a fair and unfair academic policy, or transfer policy, or admissions guidelines?
    • Is it right for seminaries that hold certain theological positions to demand the same from students?
    • What is the right balance between academic leaning and practical leaning assignments?
    • How effective can a seminary student (who has never served as a pastor) be whencriticizing a fellow seminary student who is a pastor?
    • What is the usefulness of sitting around for hours gabbing about theological issues thatwon’t everbe resolved?
    • How important is accreditation?
    • What is the real dollar cost of seminary education?
    • How many textbooks should be required for a seminary course?
    • What is the ideal age for a seminary student?
    • What rolecan mentors play in seminary education?
    • How do I involve my spouse in my seminary journey?
    • What if my spouse leaves me while I’m in seminary? What should I do?
    • Is a seminary graduate better equipped to serve Christ than someone who didn’t attend seminary?
    • What do you do about friends who are cheating?
    • How do I keep my spiritual life alive in Seminary?